What if I have my own set of plans? Will Design South Build from my set of plans?

Yes, we often build projects designed by others. Some have a complete extensive set of plans others have a set of plans that needs slight or even major modifications, either way, we can accommodate.

Does Design South build for a fixed price?

Yes. We offer a fixed price contract. This method tells our customers what they’re going to pay before we even start the project.

What towns and cities do you work in?

We are based in Cullowhee, North Carolina and primarily service the Cashiers and Highlands areas.

Does Design South build Green?

Yes, we are NAHB Certified Green Professionals. All of our homes qualify as at least a bronze level of the NAHB scale. We also offer a silver and gold standard which does in fact cost a bit more to build, but is more efficient and will save more money in utilities over time.